Updated - June 17th, 2017

Hey Greystone Family! Here is the updated newsletter to inform you about our upcoming events and closings. As always, make sure that your annual skillbuilder is updated so you can get registered for testing and other events. Here is the list:

July 19th-July 22nd - Tiger-Rock World Event in Houston, TX

August 4th - Board Breaking Clinic:
6:00 PM - Tiger Cubs and Jr. White/Yellow Belts
6:30 PM - Jr. Green and up
7:30 PM - All Youth and Adult

August 10th - Tiger Cubs testing at 6:30 PM

August 11th - Jr. White/Yellow belt testing

August 12th - Regular testing:
9:00 AM - Jr. Green-Blue testing
10:00 AM - Jr. Brown - Black testing
11:00 AM - All youth and adults - all ranks

August 14th - Retest (Red Level 3 and above cannot retest) at 6:30 PM

August 15th - Awards Ceremony (6:30 PM for Juniors and 7:30 PM for Youth and Adults)

August 16 - CLOSED, regular classes start back Thursday, the 17th

August 17th-August 19th - Picture Day!

*If you would like us to feature photos of you and/or your child in action on Facebook and Instagram, don't forget to add the hashtag #tigerrockgreystone!


Our March Student of the Month is Layton Osborn!

Layton is a 3rd grader at Liberty Park Elementary. He is a level two red belt and has been taking taekwondo since kindergarten. When he is not at Tiger Rock you will find him on the soccer field playing competitive soccer. Layton also enjoys basketball, art, and chess.

We're so proud of him! Congratulations Layton!



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